sandra. (sandyrah_x) wrote in el_trio,


Welcome to el_trio!

This community is Members Only, so feel free to join and comment!
Also, keep in mind that this community is best viewed on Internet Explorer. Firefox may cause some problems with the layout.

If you are interested in becoming one of our affiliates with our community, please comment below with your community name and so on.

- Taryn, Tanner & Sandra
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I'd like to join this community,
but I don't have one !
is it really necessary ?
I'm new on this LJ stuff !
you dont need to have a community to join!
you can just join as a member :]

feel free to join in the profile!
so pretty much, i'm def. joining this.
you guys make suhweet graphics.
Id like to join but I havent gone on live journal in a while/ was never all that good with it so I odn't know how :( can you guys add me or something?